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John’s music -- CDs, videos, instruments, links
Songs -- free .mp3 unreleased original songs by John Townley
Sailor! -- free .mp3 version of the maritime album, with additions
Zawisza Czarny! -- free .mp3 album of the ship's performing crew
Liaison Officer's Journal -- Complete journal of 40 days across the Atlantic on Zawisza Czarny, with links to over 60 photos
o Anacreon In Heaven -- The drinking song that became the "Star Spangled Banner."
Apostolic Studios -- the tale of the pioneering multitrack studio where Frank Zappa recorded Lumpy Gravy and Uncle Meat...
Saigon Girls -- A scythe song of the sixties sounds like deja vu all over again...
The Family of Apostolic -- free .mp3 verson of the complete 22-cut groundbreaking eclectic folk album!
The AstroBlogosphere -- A resource article on and list of astrology bloggers
The Top Hits of 1776 -- Bicentennial album, what they were singing during and after the American Revolution.
Stare Dzwony Live In Liverpool -- The founding Polish shanty group, recorded at the Albert Dock
Ocean -- Jay Ungar and Lyn Hardy in rare Apostolic recordings...
Maritime Matters International -- directory to all the maritime material on this site -- articles, papers, music, newsletters, museum materials

Newsletter #1 The Trines Of Spring -- how grand crosses turn into grand trines.
Newsletter #2 Which Side Are You On? -- Saturn and the outer planets paint the great struggles in history.
Newsletter #3 To The Manor Born -- Barron Trump is only part of a fortunate time-litter with good progressions all their lives.
Newsletter #4 All Kinds Of Trouble -- The Israeli-Arab Wars have all been characterized by afflicted Mars...until now...
Newsletter #5 Dark Days: The End Of The Beginning -- the first part of fate reining in America is about comes the rest...Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all put in their contributions...
Newsletter #6: The Scythe In The Sky -- A rare pattern hangs over the world that bodes revolution, or has before...
Newsletter #7: The Penultimate Year -- Jupiter in Sagittarius is often the lull before the storm, this time evoking  the 1936 Olympic year...

Reviews and Interviews:

The Fated Sky by Benson Bobrick -- An eye-opening history of astrology such as never before attempted...

Home Astrology by Paul Wade -- Give your house a makeover from start to finish...a new astrological trend...

Biological Time by Bernie Taylor -- A watershed in scientific thinking that astrologers should be thankful for...

The Sunshine Astrologer -- In-depth interview with Vanity Fair astrologer Michael Lutin...

Soul-Sick Nation by Jessica Murray -- An astrological view of America, and how we got into all this haven't read anything like it...

True Grace by Wendy Leigh -- With Princess Grace's horoscope by John Townley

Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas -- Astrological foundations reinvestigated by academe's leading humanistic philosopher...heavy duty!



Asteroids – by Viniita Hutchinson
Astro*Carto*Graphy – by Jim Lewis
AstroTalk – By Michael Erlewine  
ChildStar – by Kathy Garcia
Friends and Lovers – by Michael Erlewine
Heaven Knows What – By Grant Lewi
Just for Women – by Gloria Star
Life Progressions – by Sophia Mason
Lunar Returns – by John Townley
Past Lives – by Bernie Ashman
Simpaticos – by Bernie Ashman
Relating Potential – by John Townley
Sky Log – by Steven Forrest
Sky Within – by Steven Forrest
Solar Return – by Ray Merriman
Timeline – by Michael Erlewine
Your Spiritual Path – by Stephanie Clement
Day Watch Calendar – by Stephen Erlewine, text by John Townley and Michael Erlewine


The Birthday Report -- by John Townley
Togetherness -- by John Townley
Time Together -- by John Townley


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