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John has been inspiring astrological audiences around the world with eye-opening lectures and workshops since the early 1970s, always focused on his most recent areas of research, new book projects, and contemporary events and developments in the field. Below is a sampling of the current topics he's been covering lately, and there are many others that can be arranged on request.

During his lecture/workshop visits, John is also available for personal consultations if arranged ahead of time.

See an excerpt from "Cause and Coincidence" on YouTube...!

Love and Sex

Men think about it every six seconds and women insist they don’t – at that rate, it’s not surprising to find that there’s sex lurking in every corner of your horoscope. All you have to do is identify it and coax it into delivering what you want, when you want it. Former Sexology Today editor and author of Planets In Love has a lot to say on the subject – he’s researched it to the bone, from hearts and flowers to whips and chains. Love and sex promise a cornucopia of possibilities, planet by planet, sign, and house. Find out what’s available in your horoscope, and your lover’s. Bring both along.



What is the chemistry between two people, personally or professionally? The answers lie in synastry, of course, but also in that mysterious “third person,” the composite chart, -- which can be compelling and dangerous – that lurks along your mutual shoreline. There are even other, wandering “strange attractors” like rip tides that can suddenly pull you out to sea, or send you straight to heaven. Find out how to handle them all, and your partner, too.


Getting Physical

If you don’t know how and why it works, you can’t fix it when it breaks. This is about how astrology works, physically. Soul rays, synchronicity, holographic universe, birth imprints, controlling rays from sky? As above, so below? Do the planets impel but not compel? It’s none of the above, but it's simple. Paul Kammerer had it right, so you need to meet him. Christian Huygens had a hand in it too, so shake his hand. And, mainly, you’re right in the middle of it. Here’s how it works. Oh, by the way, is time three-dimensional? That might help…


Celestial Music

There's more to the "music of the spheres" than just music, or spheres. If you speed up the planetary cycles to the realm of audible tones, you'll find they're all in tune, and they cover the whole scale.  And that's no accident.  The propotions that make for a well-tuned clavier are the same as those that naturally form a solar system.  And wait, there's more. As you shift from the very slow, low bass tones of the planets all the way up to the hyper-vibrations of light itself, every separate  frequency window repeats itself, with similar proportions and  meanings. It's all about scaling, where you live and what you experience, depending on how big or little, fast or slow, you are, and your subsequent viewpoint. To quote the Sesame Street wisdom, "That's about the size, where you put your eyes, that's about the size of it." Hear and see the rhythms of the stars, the celestial songs within you and without you, from high to low and back again.


To arrange for a personal appearance or to be included in John's next speaking tour, e-mail us:


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