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Personal readings/consultations are available by phone. Fees vary, depending on length, frequency, and the kind of services, but after an initial reading ($250) the basic rate averages $150/hr. plus setup/research time.

Typical consultations include:
  • basic natal chart interpretation
  • life overview, future prospects
  • personal relationships and compatibility
  • career outlook and potential
  • love and business partner evaluation
  • yearly birthday chart (solar return)
  • choosing or evaluating events and decisions
  • picking times for marriages, contracts, job change, important purchases
  • evaluating relocation prospects
  • astro-cocktail extra (tarot by Susan done with charts)

    An initial astrological reading is $250, paid in advance, and generally lasts an hour to an hour and a half. Subsequent readings are charged @ $150/hr block, minimum $50 for a quick question. Subsequent prep or research time, ancillary reports, mailing costs are extra...travel to meet you in New York City for a consultation (which can be arranged at times) raises it to $200/hr (or $300 initial reading) plus travel expenses.

    Although all overall readings are done primarily by John, they may also be accentuated by Susan's complimentary astrological and intuitive take (if desired), for an expanded and sometimes alternate outlook, especially on personal and family issues...

    Email us to set up an appointment.

    For an astrological consultation, you need to tell us your full birth data: that is the 1) day, 2) month, 3) year, 4) location, and 5) exact time of your birth. If you don’t remember the time, it’s on your birth certificate. If you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate, click here to order one.

    N.B.: If you want a phone consultation to be digitally recorded and e-mailed to you afterwards, just let us know ahead of time. We can also do a simultaneous internet connection (using TeamViewer) where you can look at and experiment with the various charts as we talk on your desktop (can make things much clearer).

    Appointment changes and cancellations must be made in a timely fashion. We’re flexible, but if you don’t notify us, missed appointments will be billed $75 (an hour at half-rate), lateness greater than an hour will involve a $10 surcharge.

    We accept money orders sent and cleared ahead of time, but even better, we take PayPal! That way you can just put it on your credit card...
    : OK, we are required to say this. Astrological consultations are for entertainment only. They are not a substitute for advice from legal, financial, or health professionals.

  • Astrological Reports
    Asteroids $14.95
    Astro Carto Graphy $29.95
    Astro*Talk $29.95
    Child*Star $19.95
    Day Watch Calendar $14.95
    Friends & Lovers $19.95
    Heaven Knows What $19.95
    Just for Women $14.95
    Life Progressions $14.95
    Lunar Return $29.95
    Opportunities $14.95
    Past Lives $14.95
    Relating Potential $14.95
    Simpáticos $14.95
    Sky Log $14.95
    Solar Return $14.95
    The Sky Within $14.95
    TimeLine $14.95
    Your Spiritual Path $14.95

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