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Susan Townley was headed for a career in media and communications after graduating from Emerson College in Boston, but instead ended up for decades in the fashion industry. Somewhere along the way, however, her caring and compassionate nature, together with a special parasensitive gift, pulled her into a career of service and counseling. Her personal readings have included the likes of novelist Anne Rice, Gotham's fashion favorites, and special investigators from New York's Finest. She has been astrological columnist for the leading paper of Long Island's prestigious North Shore and co-hosted one of America Online's first live astrology shows.

A personal advisor who thinks outside of the box, she uses astrology together with Tarot as a gateway to bring clarity and understanding to others' lives. Upon occasion, Susan tag-teams with John to give a special "He said, She said" combination of astrological and psychic reading that mixes broad life analysis with intimate personal insight. When people feel their most vulnerable, that is when Susan's brand of creative self-awareness kicks in, giving clients new opportunities to feel better about themselves and attain personal and spiritual growth.

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