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Clarify the moment so you can move ahead...

“As the cards hit the table, the two look on, amazed by the moment…”

Every card in a tarot reading brings an instant of clarity, a picture of give-and-take understanding between reader and querent, united in the context of the moment. The cards and their images fuel the intuition and sensitivity of each and raise both to a higher level. There’s a thrill when the perfect card falls and tells the story you have been feeling but unable quite to say. It is the hand of the cosmos, in the twinkling of an eye, repainting the landscape.

The only difference between the two people involved is that the reader, with greater experience, sets and guides the direction and pace, with a knowing hand and the gentle persuasiveness of understanding. Throughout, it is a unique and uplifting dance that takes the tangles of the moment and clarifies them into a sure vision, where you are once again sure-footed.

A tarot reading does not tell you the future – it lets you become the future. Within its small moment of peace and calm, you take a deep breath and know how to greet what awaits you, and how to make it yours. You leave not as you came, but as you are about to be – refreshed by insight and resolve. What is revealed is not written in stone, it is written in your heart, and in your life that follows...

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Tarot readings

20 minutes$45

30 minutes…$70

45 minutes$100

1 hour….....…$125

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