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You can look at your life ahead as a coming set of possible events, each one following the other – the kind of thing a calendar does for you. Or, you can look at what’s coming as an evolution, a personal tapestry whose threads weave the patterns of your life. This enveloping report is definitely the tapestry, not the calendar.

Which is as it should be – because speaking to you is master astrologer, teacher, and storyteller Steven Forrest, who has a compelling gift for pulling personal meaning out of the sometimes confusing events that surround us all. In this report, you’ll walk through three levels of your developing existence, as he describes them:

“First, the big questions. In the part of the report called THE INVITATION, we try to get that "mountain-top" perspective that enables us to make sense of the details. In THE MEANS, we turn our attention to some secondary factors that offer suggestions, help, and support in responding to those big questions. And finally, we'll look at the report period month-by-month, day-by-day, to get some ground-level insight into THE DETAILS.”

If you look behind the text, what you’re actually getting is not just three, but four different “scans” of your forecast period that integrate 19 different individual planetary and astrological factors which vary from day to day. But what you actually experience in the reading is a smooth, engrossing story, full of wise anecdotes and tales that illustrate the days to come and make them fit into your personal expectations like a comfortable dressing gown – simple, warm, and entirely familiar.

As with his natal report, The Sky Within, here you’ll find why reading Steven has actually inspired many younger professionals to take up astrology in the first place. When you know you can get this much understanding from the stars, you want to have it in your life all the time.

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