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Happy Birthday to You!

Every year you get a birthday present you may not know about. It’s called your Solar Return, the chart cast for the exact time the Sun returns to its natal position in your birth horoscope. A major part of every astrologer’s toolkit, it gives you a snapshot of the year to come, including major timing factors to take into account when you’re planning the year ahead. It’s your birthday chart!

Explains astrologer and report author Ray Merriman:

“The exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment – and only that moment – in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. This is the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for a one-year cycle from the date of the solar return.”

This generously-sized report features:
  1. How and why the solar return works, setting the tone for the year to come
  2. What to do with it, including traveling to supercharge the outlook – the perfect excuse for a birthday vacation someplace new
  3. Complete planetary overview of the year by sign, house, and aspect
  4. The solar return’s interaction with your natal horoscope – what’s important and what’s not
  5. Daily descriptions of the transits and progressions that propel your year’s activities and events, inside and out
This is a report you’ll want to keep near you, because it’s always got something to say, all the way through the year. You’ll find it’s one of the best birthday presents you ever gave yourself – and it makes a very personal birthday gift for that other special someone, too!

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