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An Astrological Start-Up Manual for Your Child

Don’t you wish you knew a lot more about your child – not just through the learning experience of growing up, but ahead of time, from birth? Don’t you wish you had the inside scoop on your youngster so that you make the right moves the first time and are one-up on parenthood? What are the hidden talents that need tending, the risks you might not be aware of, the possibilities you’d like more time exploring in that precious but mysterious bundle of joy?

Astrologer and Montessori teacher Kathie Garcia has some of those answers, tailored to your individual child’s exact birth horoscope. Her insights, from a 30-year background as a professional educator, are pulled together in this remarkable personal report that tells you how your child’s planetary positions at birth will develop and flower from infancy through adolescence. You’ll find out some of the specific aptitudes to nurture and the most perilous pitfalls that require your protection, in plenty of time to take action to:

  1. Spot talents early
  2. Prepare for life changes and developments
  3. Uncover specific dangers to avoid
  4. Find out what to reward, what to discourage
  5. Avoid spoiling, or over-disciplining
  6. Resolve contradictions, soothe anxieties
  7. Encourage creativity and social skills
  8. Help your child fulfill each possibility, every day
Every child is different; each comes with a set of totally unique talents and potentials. Find out all you can about yours now, with a lifetime still ahead of you. When you read it, you’ll wish your parents had had this report!

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