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An entire year of DayWatch, including daily  advice, for only $25!
(stand-alone super discount, not part of our other, 2-for-1 offer)

That includes not only a color, printable
36-page desk calendar, but also a 30-page daily report for every month.
400 pages total...order now!

Make Your Day!

If you use astrology to help keep track of your life, this is the ultimate desktop reference you’ll use every day. It has everything you’d want – and a lot more – to keep on top of things and ahead of the game.

First, it’s an astrological appointment calendar that includes everything you’d expect, from day to day

  • Daily aspects, Moon sign and phase
  • Daily Moon, Sun, and planetary sign changes
  • Void-of-Course Moon times
  • Complete monthly ephemeris
  • Special planetary events – full and new Moons, eclipses, stations
  • Red/Green Days – highlights days with strong positive or negative aspects
  • Lunation Charts for your locality
But that’s when it leaves other calendars in the dust – because this one is entirely personalized for your own birth horoscope. So, each daily entry includes:
  • Personal daily transits,progressions, and solar arc directions to your own chart
And because it’s all geared to your own chart, it’s available with extensive daily personal interpretations by astrologer John Townley.

So, on top of a fabulous desk calendar that’s got daily planetary aspects in the sky and to your natal chart already written in, you get a full year’s ephemeris and 365 days of personal reports to keep track of daily transits and progressions as the year goes by. It doesn’t get better than that.

Astrological Reports
Asteroids $14.95
Astro Carto Graphy $29.95
Astro*Talk $29.95
Child*Star $19.95
Day Watch Calendar $25.00
Friends & Lovers $19.95
Heaven Knows What $19.95
Just for Women $14.95
Life Progressions $14.95
Lunar Return $14.95
Opportunities $14.95
Past Lives $14.95
Relating Potential $14.95
Simpáticos $14.95
Sky Log $14.95
Solar Return $14.95
The Sky Within $14.95
TimeLine $14.95
Your Spiritual Path $14.95

Order your personal Report

Day Watch Sample Reports:

Yearly Calendar Report $48.95
Yearly Highlights $36.95
Monthly Highlights — 6 M $19.95
Monthly Details — 6 M $27.95
Weekly Report $**.**
Daily Report $**.**
Planetary Stations Report $**.**
Red/Green Days $**.**
Void-Of-Course Moon $**.**
Personal Void-Of-Course $**.**
Monthly Lunations $**.**
Yearly Lunations $**.**
  Copyright © John Townley 2005. All rights reserved.
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