The composite chart, by John Townley

Just when you thought the two of you were alone, surprise, there’s someone else in the room! Who is it? It's not actually another person, it’s the relationship itself, and it grows larger the longer you’re there. It even has a horoscope, which tells you more about what’s going on between you than both of your natal charts together. And, the longer you’re together, the more it runs the show. Whether it’s love, friendship, or a business deal, if you want to know what the real deal is, this is the chart you need to know.
It’s called the composite chart, and it’s the horoscope of the relationship itself, that mysterious third party that comes into being when two people interact – the living chemistry and dynamics of the relationship, where one and one makes more than two. It’s a simple mathematical union of two charts to make a third single horoscope, whose properties tell all. It literally describes that third entity that comes into being when two people are together, the relationship itself, that’s bigger than both of you and runs the show. Know that, and you know it all. The power to know what’s happening and what to do with it is suddenly clear, and in your hands.
By the standards of the ancient art of astrology, the composite chart is new – it only came into use when pioneer astrologer John Townley introduced it to America in his seminal 1973 book, The Composite Chart: The Horoscope of a Relationship. Since then, the technique has turned out to be so brilliantly revealing and consistently dependable that it has been taken up by virtually every professional astrologer, and two generations later has become a standard technique for analyzing personal relationships.

This TOGETHERNESS report is from the hand of the originator himself, the founding father of the composite chart, straight off the pages of his final, definitive book on the subject, written after twenty-five years of perfecting the technique.  Find out what the authoritative expert has to say about your relationship: what it is, how it behaves, and how to handle it.

In addition, the text is illustrated by astrological tarot-like illustration by pioneer astrologer and graphic artist Michael Erlewine, which bring out the inner meanings of each passage and make for yet a deeper level of intuitive understanding of the factors that shape your relationship. To see a colorful, full-length example report, click here.

And for the first time ever, if you also order the new TIME TOGETHER report, you can find out just where it’s all going next, with a complete set of composite transits by the same author. One of the keys to understanding a composite is its unique growth curve, and here at last are the details on what the future has to offer the two of you, what you’ll wake up to tomorrow. Take advantage of our two-for-the-price-of-one offer and get them both for only $19.95.
  Copyright © John Townley 2009. All rights reserved.
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