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Newsletter Number Three -- March 29, 2006

To The Manor Born

"Adoration Of The Shepherds" by Antonio Allegri Correggio (1489-1534) 
To the manor born, or borne from the manger -- the stars are profoundly smiling on them all.

A strange and wonderful phenomenon is happening in the spring and summer skies this year that may have a profoundly uplifting effect on everything we do now, especially affecting the set of children born during this time. As we mentioned earlier in The Trines Of Spring (newsletter #1), the middle of March began a long succession of grand trines, one following another and many overlapping along the way stretching all the way into August. That’s obviously good, right on the surface – it means there are lots of times available when anything you launch into has a good chart. It’s an electional astrologer’s paradise. Pick any time, and it’s likely to come up positive.

There’s a deeper and more integrated aspect to it, however. Not only will any chart you pick have a grand trine in it, that chart will then be transited by a series of subsequent grand trines and, much more gradually, will itself progress into and through those very same sets of trines. So, you have fortune compounding fortune compounding fortune. It means that children born now will not only have good charts and a smiling summer awaiting them, they will have entire lifetimes of wonderful progressions with many open pathways and few roadblocks. And since the degrees of the changing patterns distinctively overlap, they will likely have a lot more contact with each other, wherever they may have started, simply by the shepherding effect transits and progressions have on people with shared degree areas. Born only a few months apart, their spreading progression-overlaps will bring them together over increasingly longer periods of time – during which they will literally become reflections of each other over the years, as earlier sets of natal charts’ progressions morph into the natal charts of those born only days or weeks later. That’s the fractal-like effect of equating a day for a year in secondary progressions.

Let us take a famous example, the recently-arrived Barron William Trump, born March 20, 2006, 5:00 AM, New York, NY. Among a number of distinctions, his chart contains a out-of-sign grand fire trine of Moon (Sagittarius), Sun (almost in Aries), and Saturn (Leo). It was the third of the many grand trines of the season, the first being March 8-9, the second being March 15-16. The next big (and long-lasting) grand trine doesn’t happen until April 4, a nice week-long transit for this child, but it won’t turn up in his progressions until he’s age 15, when he predictably will blossom out in a major fashion until he’s 22, out of college and ready to make his mark. And although he’s very high profile with a rich father, there are many thousands of others in other circumstances, born the same day, who will move along that same path over the next two decades. It’s a wave phenomenon, and teachers everywhere will watch with wonder as this class ripples up the grades through school.

L: Barron Trump, 3/20/06, 5 AM, New York, features grand trine. R: previous grand trine 3/16/06 3 PM in Europe, Mideast.

But he’s not the first. There was a major set ahead of him, four days earlier, who had a grand air trine of Moon (Libra), Venus/Neptune (Aquarius), and Mars (Gemini). Barron’s grand fire trine transited over these four-day-old newborns perhaps unnoticed, but by age four their progressed charts will look just like his natal chart, compounding their already talented charm and communication skills with sudden fiery inspiration, the type of combination that brings child prodigies out of the woodwork. While Barron is still making good but predictable progress in preschool, this bunch will already be undergoing profound change and racing ahead to develop a new set of advances. They will be especially precocious, and they may need the extra time to progress into the big grand water trine of April 4, for which they’ll be four years older than Barron, who will have experienced this one ahead of them.

And so it goes, back and forth, with over two dozen sets of grand trines all clustered together in a season of fortunate births and then spreading out over a century of growth and creativity. How they interlink depends not just upon the day of each set of births, but the exact time and places they are occurring within each short set. The subset of the March 16 births born on a path extending from Scandanavia through Eastern Europe and down into Turkey and parts of the Middle East at around 3 PM with late Leo rising feature a unique connection to the Trump chart as they progress toward his natal. At just 3 years 10 months his exact natal planetary positions become their progressed ones, but with a bonus – they have a grand water trine added to Trump's grand fire trine, giving them an even bigger boost. Natal air and progressed fire and water grand trines, all at age four. Gifted and talented is hardly the word.

L: 3/16 birth set progressed to age 3 yrs., 10 mos.  R: Trump natal chart shifted to 3/16 set's  locality. Double grand trines.

And that works backwards, too. If you relocate Trump’s natal chart to anywhere along the line of that cross-European March 16 subset, you find that kids born there at Barron’s birth instant have both fire and water grand trines, too!

So, like journalist Thomas Friedman keeps remarking, the world is an increasingly flat playing field, and we may find that the truly creative geniuses of the next generation could equally be produced by disparate cultures and economies, especially depending on astrologically-favored localities – and depending on when and where the different cultural sets get to meet each other, driven by their similar degree positions. Whether you’re to the manor born or borne from the manger, the real story may be told by the stars that hang over your cradle and the wise teachers who find you and nurture the explosive talent we see springing to life in this brief period.

It’s also a lesson in how one set of growth always follows and integrates with another, as these kind of clusters are not the exception, they’re the norm and run in waves both favorable and difficult. The short-term advice is take advantage of the next six months and let these fractal, compounding waves of fortune work for your own projects right now. The long-term advice is: what you’re starting now is going to be in exact sync with what these kids are growing into. Keep a close eye on them and hire them young when you can still afford them, because whether from the manor or the manger, they are going to inherit your earth – you can bet on it.

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