Your solar return, by John Townley                 $19.95

Special offer: order this report alone on the 2-for-1 offer and we'll take a personal look and suggest best places to travel, plus world planetary relocation maps for a complete overview of all the possibilities...!

Your birthday comes but once a year, and this is the report you want to have each and every year before your birthday rolls around, because it not only tells you all about the upcoming year, but is the first report ever that tells you where in the world to go for your birthday to make it better!

solar return is the chart cast for the instant the Sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born, at whatever place you happen to be at that moment. That’s simple enough. That happens within a day of your birthday every year, so it’s your birthday chart. Your natal chart may be the most important description of you, but your Solar Return is considered by many astrologers to be the most important chart for describing your current year.

And just take a look at the sample report (Click here). It is beautiful from start to finish, taking advantage of full graphics and even individual Astro*Image cards (like tarot cards for astrologers) and includes both natal and current solar return charts, each with planet listings.

The full report covers all of the major planetary categories, each with an interpretation by astrology pioneer John Townley, plus descriptive headers matching the elegant image cards designed by veteran astrologer and artist Michael Erlewine.

And most of all, check out The Right Place, a list of major cities in North America and around the world, each color-coded with an indication as to whether the city is auspicious or not auspicious for the year of the solar return. You can see at a glance where your solar return is the strongest, the perfect place to visit for your birthday to make it your best year ever. Amazingingly, sometimes just a few hundred miles can make the difference between a problematic year ahead and a blockbuster future to come.

And last, but not least, The Birthday Report includes a detailed day-by-day calendar of the coming year. This calendar is not simply a printed list, but each day is illustrated with graphic Astro*Images that help tune in and get the tone or feeling of the astro-event for that day.

John Townley is a veteran astrologer of more than 40 years experience. He introduced the composite chart, and penned the definitive text on sexual astrology, Planets In Love. His work on cycles is well-known around the world, and his book and report on Lunar Returns has for years been a standard for monthly personal forecasting.  In his forty-year career as an astrologer, John has been sending clients to the far corners of the earth for their solar returns to get them the best possible year ahead, and now you can get the benefit of that expertise in this standalone birthday report without spending hundreds for a costly personal consultation.

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