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Cardinal grand cross returns like a set of mines waiting to go off four times (or more) a day, so learn to steer clear...

...Dodging Danger Down Below...


By John Townley, October 2013

For attentive sky-watchers, last summer’s exciting hot-and-cold mix of grand trine and grand cross, which devolved into a repeating jackhammer of hard aspects and events to match, should have been an education. As above, so below, indeed. It seemed we went from the joyful birth of a new British prince to a climate of conflict, hostility, and national shutdowns in the blinking of an eye.

It has been, and still is, a crowded sky that’s waiting to fulfill your dreams or trip up your prospects, depending on your celestial navigation skills right here on earth. If you make your daily moves as well-aspected planets bear on the angles, you slip through to success…but if your decision or action comes just as a T or grand cross dominates the moment, you’re doomed to a snowballing downhill tangle that is unpleasant at best, ruinous at worst. The same day can repeatedly offer both options, if you know when to make your move.

New Year Cardinal Grand Cross

Right now, the relentlessly-hard skies that marked the last few months have abated, and everyone can enjoy a breath of relief up to the end of the winter holidays. But then it’s back, right on the New Year’s Day cardinal grand cross, a repeat of last summer’s head-banger, thanks to the ongoing square of Uranus and Pluto, again being filled into a cardinal T-cross or grand cross by the Moon, Sun, inner planets, Jupiter and Mars. Like all grand crosses that goes angular roughly four times a day – and when it does, from two to all four of its arms are harshly in play at once, depending on your location, season, and time of day. When that occurs during a power lunch or romantic dinner, the whole event can turn sour, so plan around it. That’s the time when arguments arise, fights begin, and tangled and dysfunctional deals go down. Not only should you avoid important meetings then, you probably shouldn’t pick up that phone call (even if it’s expected) or answer the door (let the postman deliver, but don’t take possession until the aspect moves on, the essence of purchase-astrology wisdom).  You’ve generally got at least a four-hour clearance to completely avoid it, so why not use it, rearrange the day accordingly?

New Year grand cross evolves into a T-cross a month later but reforms shortly after as Mars goes retro

How do you know when the perilous planetary patterns will be angular? Some software actually has a graph that will tell you (I requested one from Matrix years ago, now it’s standard on their Win*Star) on a daily readout.  By comparing graphs a month apart, you can see how the big patterns migrate an hour earlier each month, then you can set apart the critical times around them. If you don’t have software for that, we’re going to start publishing a graph on our news page along with our regular and VOC Moon ephemerides, monthly chart animations,  and daily transits, so you can always check back with AstroCocktail.

Graph (above l.) of when planets are angular shows grand cross turns up alternately with all four arms angular simultaneously (red) and then with only two at a time in close order (blue). A month later, the ongoing cross hits the angles two hours earlier (r), and continues to sneak backwards a degree a day, so keep an eye on it!  Exact times listed are for New York, but they work roughly for any place at mid-latitude. These will be posted monthly, but use your own software for exact times for your locality.

What’s interesting about the coming variations on the lingering Uranus-Pluto square is that they’re mainly primed by Jupiter now, and have been since that planet began its current period of sky domination. It’s kind of like the celestial Santa is trying to push through some improvements and it’s getting a lot of resistance from fractious factions all around.  Add an action-crippling retrograde Mars this spring, and it’s a hard row to hoe for a while, a repeat of the same cardinal grand cross that brought so much seemingly-unnecessary conflict and pain the first time. Fortunately, it all breaks up by the summer…

Put The Good Ones Out Front

Of course, this bad pattern isn’t the only repeating pattern that might be angular.  Last summer, thanks to Neptune and Saturn early in Pisces and Scorpio, with Cancer Jupiter just joining in, every chart (birth, horary, electional, return, you name it) in July shared the blessing of a grand water trine. Basically, that (like any grand trine) had one (sometimes two) of its participants angular twelve times a day, providing lots of good chart opportunities. That big one’s gone, but the lingering trine of Jupiter and Saturn remains, further along in water. Trouble is, if you put the Jupiter part angular, the grand cross is there, and put Saturn angular – well, who wants Saturn angular? Still, there are other, shorter benefic aspects that can be used to advantage while avoiding the problem ones.

Yourself, Rising and Culminating.

While you’re looking for choice degrees on the Angles to work with, don’t forget your own chart. The degrees of each of your planets (and Angles) rises and culminates (or is on the Vertex) once a day. That time is when the spotlight is on you, and involving that ineffable something you think of as your extended or perhaps “karmic” (if you prefer) family. Hello – it’s your life network calling, and important things for you happen then, so be aware of what times that occurs, take notes on (and horaries of) events then…they’re what really spell out your destiny

All in all, it’s easy to do – just take a few minutes to walk yourself through the daily sky of the coming week or month and make notes on your calendar. Your life will be more organized, and the flow of events won’t  be peppered with disjointed and distracting events that put you off-balance in a time when the rest of the world is in disarray, which it consistently will be in the first half of 2014.


Don't forget to keep an eye on our new regular page with hourly graph that tells you just when the planets and their attached patterns hit the angles, so you can latch on for the ride -- or stay out of their way to avoid collisions! It will be at the Angular Planets link on the news page...

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