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Sun Sign Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Anger, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Lust, and Gluttony.  Try one, try them all!

Reasons for a Reading, and more…

By John Townley

Is life perfect, fulfilling all your hopes and wishes, on track through a blissful today towards a heavenly tomorrow?

Not if you've come here. By definition, you got to this page because you have either:

a)   committed a sin already or

b)   you’d like to, and are looking for a suggestion.

Possibly both – could be you’re just looking to see if your sins are true to your sign, what might be in store, and what to expect from everybody else. Or maybe, maybe, you’d like to stop repeating this stuff and find a way out.

Well,  you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a run-down on each Sun-sign’s problematic propensities, from the deadly mortal sins to mere annoying venial infractions. It’s too bad sins really don’t turn out to be much fun in the end (that’s why they call it Hell). But it doesn’t have to stay that way…so if anything below seems even remotely familiar, perhaps you really could use a reading to explore them further…

Aries – You got there first with the most, leaving everybody in the dust, and now you’re worn out and they never arrived later with the garlands. Did you miss something? Perhaps when the line was forming at your rear, it moved someplace else. Feel angry, left out? Well, there’s no Aries like a lonely one, is there…?

The sins of Aries: Pride, impetuousness, neglect   

Taurus – You stuck to your guns and now you’re just stuck. You appreciated the best and tasted it all. Maybe you should have shared it when it was fresh... Refill, anyone…? 

The sins of Taurus: stubbornness, sloth, jealousy, greed

Gemini – You knew it all and explained it to everyone who would listen, and never took sides – and now they think you a coward and a traitor. Why did you waste your breath? Neville Chamberlain and Vidkun Quisling had it better. Should you have made a stand, or is it too late?

The sins of Gemini: indecision, multitask addiction, prevarication

Cancer – All you wanted was what was yours, and maybe just a little of theirs, too. You were willing to share, as long as no one took much and always gave back more. Now no one wants any, and you don’t have much yourself. How did you lose it if you never let it go?

The sins of Cancer: possessiveness, greed, envy, sloth

Leo – You were king of the world, and the world passed you by. You still have plenty to say, if someone’s listening. But no one seems to be. What if you gave a party and nobody came? Well, here you are, dig in, there’s plenty…

The sins of Leo: pride, vanity, self-centeredness (despite generosity), blind trust

Virgo – You had it perfect and you were willing to let people look, even copy you. How generous could you be? You’ve still got it right, classic taste, on the mark – in the dust, more likely. Take a comely virgin, just add age, and you’ve got a spinster. But we don’t use that word anymore…

The sins of Virgo: standoffishness, pride, correctness, certitude

Libra – Because of you the world will never be the same – you stuck your finger in the dyke, you spotted the fatal flaw and rushed in to fix it. Now you’re in a fix, and there is no fix for it. Didn’t they appreciate your intercessions, don’t they remember how you made it better? Or maybe they liked it better the way it was, and the thought scares you…

The sins of Libra: self-centeredness, interference, thoughtlessness, arrogance

Scorpio – You had the pride, you had the passion, and you had secrets they would die to find out, if you would only let them know. But you didn’t, and they lost interest, and you’re the least likely to admit maybe so did you…

The sins of Scorpio: lies, self-lust, stagnation

Sagittarius – You waved the flag, laughed at the jokes, rolled with the punches, and above all knew what was right and true. Didn’t anybody else? Is there no faith, truth, justice in the world? The joke’s on you…why aren’t you laughing?

The sins of Sagittarius: prejudice, arrogance, presumption, wastefulness

Capricorn – You took charge, played it by the book, took it to the top. Nobody told you that there’s no air on Everest, and now you can’t breathe. Did all those people down there know that already? How do you get down from here…?

The sins of Capricorn: aloofness, unreceptiveness, selfishness, avarice

Aquarius – Hey, this is the Age of Aquarius, how much more in the swim of things can you be? All for one, one for all, don’t take sides, it’s all about win-win. Or is it lose-lose? How did it get so cold and lonely here, was it something you did, or didn’t?…

The sins of Aquarius: coolness, standoffishness, heartlessness

Pisces – You just knew it all along, from the very first moment. It’s clear, it’s true, and telling everybody about it just gets you into more trouble. Just ask Cassandra…they all get their just desserts, and only you remain, but then you’re alone…so tell us the future, won’t you?…

The sins of Pisces: detachment, unwise giving, shiftlessness

P.S. We thought to assign being a manipulative control freak to one or more signs, but realized those qualities know no favorites as everyone is looking to have their way…

Next to come: affordable astrological indulgences – no, not self-indulgences like chocolates , greedy ones – the kind the Pope used to sell that get you into heaven despite your wickedness, before Martin Luther got on his case…they'll be tax deductible, as well…


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