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A Time To Glean...

After the sickle in the sky has passed on, it's time to pick up and replant. ("The Gleaners" 1857, Jean-François Millet)

By John  Townley, June 2010

Right in the midst of everyone freaking out about the sudden shock of Jupiter and Uranus catapulting into Aries, we thought it might be a good time to take a look at the aftermath. After all, this conjunction endures for the rest of the year, and not all of it is characterized by the emergencies spurred by its opening grand cardinal cross. In fact, once the shootout in the sky passes, it’s a totally different set of circumstances with lots of opportunity attached.

Assuming you’ve survived being at or near ground zero, which will happen if you keep your head down and navigate according to some of our original advice, following the tumult of the late spring and summer the nature of everything changes. That’s because this is the end of the worst (in one way) and the beginning of the better (in a totally other way).

The Worst Is Over, Almost

The grand cardinal crosses marked by Jupiter/Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and recurring solar, lunar, and inner planetary positions (including the June 26 lunar eclipse and the August Venus/Mars conjunction) which fill it out may be the worst of the matter, but they are also the end of the Saturn-Uranus opposition that began on America’s election day 2008, marking an historic battle between the new and the old, the future and the past. After this, it’s over, as Saturn flees toward the end of Libra – the new direction of things is established and there will be no turning back, regardless of the occasionally threatening rear-guard action. Secondly, we’re back in a phase where Saturn is tucked within the bowl of the outer planets and begins to be part of the solution instead of the outstanding problem. Lots more on that rarely-mentioned historical rhythm here.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Further, this Aries blast of Jupiter and Uranus only lasts three months, then loses its threatening heat and retreats back into Pisces for the rest of the year, starting the first week in September. That gives you an entire autumn of new ideas and opportunities to invent and reposition yourself internally and emotionally, armed by some of the battle-hardening lessons of the summer. Fluidity returns, and new paths open from within as surely as old ones were shut down from without. And, that sweet and sparkling Venus-Mars conjunction hangs in well into October, first in later Libra and then in sexy Scorpio, so relationships and passions will be brewing with lots of personal possibilities near at hand. Among the shards of the old lie the quickly-germinating seeds of the new, and that is the ball to keep your eye upon.

Of course, the continuing pains of loss will remain (if not your own, certainly in your environment), but the feeling that all are finally pulling in the right direction and support is at last generally increasing gives the strength to rebuild anew, and better than before. The beginning – and the end of the beginning – are past, and the beginning of the end is at hand, to mangle an old Churchill quotation. Victory is not yet declared, but it clearly and surely awaits, and the days of uncertainty give way to the strength of progress and rebuilding, from personal to global scales.

If there is a message to remember, as Pluto continues to roll over Capricorn in a roughly seven-year square to Uranus, is that the place to look for  the future is right at your feet, where you pick up the final gleanings of the past and where the new grass is growing. Once the decaying blockage is blown away, you start to notice what was already in you, and all around, fully in process, suddenly obvious…where the harvest of the past becomes the future…


For backgroun and MIDI (sound file) of this grand (and little-known) old hymn, go hear! 

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