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Void-Of-Course Moon

There is a period of time every couple of days when the transiting Moon has made its last aspect to another body in the sky before changing signs which is described as a Void-of-Course Moon period. It can last from a few minutes to over a day, depending how late in signs the planets are at the time. Because the Moon at this time doesn't really have its "feet on the ground," it is generally considered a period unfavorable for tangible decisions that require solid support, but an excellent time for insight, relaxation, and reaching outside of confining 
boundaries. Ptolemy swore by it, and so do most astrologers to this day.

It's generally a bad time to make purchases, sign contracts, start major new ventures -- anything that you need to rely on down the line. Ordinary daily routine is OK, just not big moves, as outcome is often wild and unpredictable. Events already in operation at the time it begins often suddenly lose their footing and destabilize.

On the other hand, it's a great time to relax, party, get creative, and generally float free -- when what you want is the wild and unpredictable, a break from ordinary and sometimes confining stability.

Here's a list of this month's Void-of-Course periods, the last solid aspect that begins them, and the sign the Moon next enters when they end.

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