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Desert Lighting!

Mars met Uranus in 2009 over Europe and Africa, but the action turned out to be  on the edge of the desert, in between.

...Mars-Uranus strikes again...

By John Townley, March 2011

Well, it’s about that time of year(s) again when Mars swings around to meet Uranus, which happens on average every two years and one month. Supposedly, the longitude where this conjunction at its most exact is culminating will give you a two-year take on the areas most likely to be visited by Mar-Uranus activity: natural cataclysms like earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and tsunamis or man-made tumult like revolutions, wars, and the like. For the full background story and examples of historic earlier conjunctions and where they fell on the map, see our Mars-Uranus Redux, which explains it fairly well. There, we end in speculation about the then-upcoming 2007 and 2009 conjunctions.

So, it’s time for an update to evaluate the effects of the 2009 conjunction and speculate on the upcoming 2011 one. Our prediction that the former would indicate another heating up of the current Mideast wars turned out to be prophetic, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would also appear that the 2009 conjunction, falling right over North Africa, certainly may be associated with the amazing recent series of revolutions that Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries have certainly helped foster as well. In our last article, we looked straight at it and didn’t see it, however, since the same coordinates applied to Europe where there wasn’t much spectacular action except for a couple of dreadful winters. Who knew we should have been more concerned with the mostly-empty desert of North Africa, right below?

The 2009 Mars-Uranus conjunction was over Europe, but more importantly, as it turned out, over North Africa.

The next one, in April 2011 is over the Pacific, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. West Coast.

Now, we take a look at the next one, April 3, 2011, 4:52 PM Eastern Time, and that spans a broad swath of the Pacific, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. West Coast. So for the next couple of years, take your vacations elsewhere – those who avoided Indonesia on our advice just before the tsunami would be wise to make travel plans accordingly, again. The previous three were in Pisces/water and tended toward water damage (though not the last one), so maybe this next set in Aries/fire will be more land-based and hotter in nature, but that’s just speculation. It hasn’t been all that consistent in the past.

What also hasn’t been that consistent is which side of the overhead line will experience the most notable result. Sometimes it is when the conjunction is in the ninth house (shaded yellow above) and about to culminate or sometimes in the tenth house (shaded green above), having just culminated. Similarly, there is no reliable indicator of whether the most relevant event(s) will happen soon after the conjunction or not until just before the next one. Part of all of that may be attributable to ephemeris calculation error for slow planets, but it may also be about aspect formation dynamics. For more on the dynamics of aspect formation and events see The Gathering Sky. 

Of course, why it should happen at all is yet another question, possibly related to the theory of returns in general and the possible interconnection of returns, locational charts, and diurnal rhythms. It’s all certainly worth looking into further, for greater focus and accuracy, but as is it works quite sufficiently to be wary of the regions involved, if you have to be involved in them…

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