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Eric Francis's PlanetWaves

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While trolling for the news recently, we discovered Eric Francis, a Paris-dwelling American expatriate journalist-turned-astrologer whose site, PlanetWaves, is high-energy, totally eclectic, and crammed with news, information and opinion. He is among the leading edge of  broader-based, less astrology-blinded astrologers who see our art/craft as an integral part of the real world, not just a solo window on it. He began as a New York journalist, getting his big story break on an upstate environmental disaster story – but at the very same time, his heart was being seduced away by the depth and breadth of astrology, definitely the Big Picture angle on any story.

Finally, it seems, that larger picture got the upper hand and he
is now in the business full-time, writing a variety of newspaper columns, an ever-growing series of articles in print and online at his site, a daily sky blog that mixes news and politics with what’s happening upstairs, and now adding his latest love affair, photography. They all go together in a sterling mix of well-informed real-world news analysis and wide-ranging astrology, from the concrete to the more speculative. There’s something for everyone on the site, ranging from simple Sun-sign dailies and write-in advice to articles on the likes of the Great Attractor, that mysterious galactic vortex in central Sagittarius, plus a penchant for Centaurs, all with a personal patina of community and caring that unites the many facets of astrology and concentrates on its impact on the individual, emotionally and in current life context. A little prescription with the description, so to speak. Some of it is also subscription, part of the site (the newsletter, certain special articles, sections) being sort of, dare we paralabel, PlanetWavesSelect.

If there is a central theme to it all, it is its urgently breathless quality, because Eric has clearly got so much on his plate that he hasn’t enough hours in the day to handle it all. It’s quite difficult to imagine how he finds time to sleep and eat, there’s just too much happening that has to be covered. You sometimes get a feeling that he’s running without his feet quite touching the ground. That includes a work-in-progress article collection that is so far a grab-bag of personal adventure and revelation tales waiting for a theme to tie it all together. Eight chapters in search of a book are so far posted, but there are obviously lots more in the can and more in the process, running the gamut from newshound tales to astrological epiphanies, and lots more. His photography is often stunning, and there’s a new cover photo and front page story/blog (not necessarily related) almost every day.

It’s definitely a site to catch on a regular basis, an ever-expanding vision, for sure – and we hope that Eric will be catching sight of that central message that ties it all together into a book as well. Our world will certainly be the better off with more astrologers with his open, inclusive sense of real-world, real-time context – in astrology and otherwise.

-- John Townley

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link to PlanetWaves
PlanetWaves is chock-a-block with news, analysis, thoughtful articles and forecasts.

Eric Francis has his eye on everything!

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